Public Art in Georges River – Dylan Goh

Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery

2021 – present

Dylan Goh is an inter-disciplinary Asian-Australian artist working in Sydney. He has been exhibited in Vivid Sydney 2019 and was a finalist in the Kudos Emerging Artist + Designer award. His multidisciplinary practice is grounded in the principles of storytelling. His art practice focuses on how experiences, attitudes and thoughts can be manipulated by external sources. He is inspired by the power of exchanging stories to build empathy between people.

Dylan created ‘Lunar Wishes’ at the Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery as part of the Lunar New Year 2021 celebrations. The mural references the Lantern Festival and was created through collaboration between Dylan and the Georges River community. Members of the public were invited to submit their new year wishes to Dylan who would then inscribe them onto a procession of dancing sky lanterns within the artwork. Sky lanterns were traditionally released to the heavens to bring fortune and a safe return.

Dylan has reflected upon the unusual year of 2020 as inspiration for his work, stating…

“In the context of global lockdown and separated families, ‘Lunar Wishes’ provides an avenue to send your blessings across land and sea…I’ve read stories of Australians traversing multiple continents (planes, buses trains) on the off chance that they can return home on a $10,000 economy ticket. Others have already resigned to the reality that this LNY [Lunar New Year] will be celebrated via screens. It was a privilege to read your wishes for the new year. Privy to feelings of hope, frustration and yearning, I was thankful for your honesty and courage.”

You can find out more about Dylan’s work on his website or on Instagram @dilly_dg

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