Kirstie Rea – Beyond the Bowl Artist

Take a look at Kirstie Rea’s work ‘Rich Aroma’. Try not to think about what it might be, but rather about what it might taste like or how the long stretched piece of glass may smell.

A familiar smell, taste or touch can spark a memory from a different time or place. Rea’s glass works look to demonstrate how “moments in our lives engage our sense and memory… these are often intangible experiences but are ones we remember, such as taste and how it can consume us, sending out thoughts to other places and times.”

Kirstie Rea has travelled and worked extensively internationally but she is inspired most by Australia’s natural landscapes. Nostalgia and a sense of place shape her works – her memories of strolling through the Brindabella’s, the smell of horse stables, the first taste of a warm meal.


Kirstie Rea, Rich Aroma 2017 (detail), kiln formed and cold worked glass, ceramic bowl, wall shelf.

Rea’s approach to her art is purposely effortless, seeking to produce simplicity out of complex techniques. She produces both cold worked and kiln formed glass, utilising the heat of the kilns and gravity to shape her glass over several firings, a process that can occasionally take up to six weeks.

Rea has exhibited widely both internationally and in Australia. Her work is now held in numerous international collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, and the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation, Munich, Germany.

It is through both her teaching and organisational involvement that Rea has effectively advocated for the development of Australian glass within the international arena. Having taught in both Australia and internationally, and having served on the Board of Directors for organisations like the Glass Art Society, USA, Rea has broadened the scope and opportunities for other talented Australians to progress their practice and exhibit overseas.

The extraordinary work of Kirstie Rea and other Australian artists can be discovered at Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s exhibition Beyond the Bowl, open until 18 April 2019. Beyond the Bowl highlights and celebrates the diversity of Australian contemporary ceramics and glass.

Kirstie Rea is represented by Sabbia Gallery, Sydney.



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