Public Art – Oatley Clock Mural

The Oatley Clock Mural at 195 Hurstville Road (opposite Oatley Parade) features a bright collection of stencilled clockwork designs and geometric shapes designed by Georges River Council’s Operations Specialist and professional painter, Matthew Bramston and Graphic Designer, Reanne Potter. The concept of the mural was inspired by Oatley’s namesake, James Oatley (1769 – 1839), who was keeper of the Town Clock in colonial Sydney and an early landowner in the area, as well as a well-known clock and watch maker. The installation of the Oatley Clock Mural in October 2018 was fittingly 35 years after the Oatley Town Clock was first unveiled in Frederick Street in October 1983.

Matthew came up with the idea to create a mural in that space to act as a graffiti-prevention measure because the location was regularly vandalised and required ongoing maintenance from Council’s graffiti removal crews.  Matthew’s idea for the mural centred around encouraging community engagement to participate in co-creating the artwork. Matthew and his colleagues, Dave Cologon and Dylan Meres, created stencils that would assist the public in painting confidently.   

“I designed the mural so that the community could participate, no matter what level of painting they were capable of…I remembered the ‘paint by numbers’ method from years ago, and thought it would be a fun way for the community to get hands on. You don’t need a lot of skill, just a lot of enthusiasm.” – Matthew Bramston.

Members of the community enjoyed participating in the creation on the artwork and the reception of the mural in cleaning up the graffiti hotspot has been very positive.

“Public art can effectively reduce graffiti vandalism as well as instil a sense of pride and ownership with the community, aligning well with this year’s theme, ‘Love where we live’”, commented Cr Greene in 2018.

Matthew also designed a graffiti-preventative mural on the Carss Bush Park amenities block in 2019 featuring tiles that students from local schools and Council’s childcare centres helped to paint.

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