Public Art in Georges River – Keith Stanley

Table Tennis tables, Peakhurst Park & Pole Depot Park

Installed: 2021 (Permanent)

Georges River Council recently installed two new outdoor table tennis tables at Peakhurst Park and Pole Depot Park. Artist, Keith Stanley, was commissioned by Council to paint bright and colourful designs on both tables to bring a sense of fun and creativity to the tables and the surrounding park landscape. Stanley was inspired by the Georges River and has included a blue stream of water down the middle of both designs. The artworks feature surreal underwater and solar system scenes. Stanley commented that “the design of blue stream in my artwork represents the Georges River, while the characters represent space, clarity and insight.”

Stanley also worked with Jennifer Tyler from the Headspace Youth Advocate Group (YAG) to design characters for the tables. Together, they designed a cockatoo and spider, both in space helmets playing video games to symbolise staying connected with friends and family, an artistic eel representing partaking in new hobbies, and a martial artist turtle, symbolising maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The table tennis tables form part of a growing collection of public artworks that Council has commissioned since the adoption of the Create Georges River Cultural Strategy 2019 and Public Art Policy in 2020. Council’s aim for installing public art is to revitalise the urban environment with colour, texture, creativity and cultural engagement. The table tennis tables are a permanent feature and Council hopes they will bring enjoyment to all in the community.  

You can find out more about Keith Stanley’s work on his website or on Instagram @heavymentalartist

Images courtesy of Keith Stanley.

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