Public Art in Georges River – Abbey Rich

Hurstville Library columns, Queens Road

Installed: 2021 (Permanent)

Abbey Rich is a multidisciplinary artist who works across walls, canvas and the body. Their fresh and vibrant artwork has been featured in numerous private, commercial and local government projects in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Abbey is drawn to human relationships with each other and their environments and they explore this dynamic through various visual means within their work.

Abbey is particularly interested in facilitating accessible public art. They comment how…“as an artist coming into someone else’s space it is my responsibility to be respectful, to create a relevant artwork to the local community, to share authorship and to facilitate the community sharing stores”. Abbey held a community workshop at the library where local children drew flora and fauna on paper (images below), and it was the products of this workshop that Abbey drew inspiration from to create the murals for the community. Various aspects of the drawings were translated by Abbey into their unique style, whilst still maintaining the hand of the original artists.

You can find out more about Abbey Rich’s work on their website or on Instagram @abbey_rich

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