‘While you were sleeping’ by Rebecca Trajkovski

Our upcoming Dragon’s Lair Gallery exhibition is While you were sleeping by Rebecca Trajkovski, a self-taught artist living and working in the Georges River area. Rebecca was the winner of the Local Artist Prize in the Georges River Art Prize 2019. She has also been Runner up in the Aspire Gallery Foot Square Art Prize (2019) and was a finalist in the Blacktown City Art Prize and Waverley Art Prize.

Rebecca’s latest exhibition, While you were sleeping, spans from 2017 to the current period. It was mostly created by Rebecca at home on her kitchen bench during a period of maternity leave while her son slept. Following on from maternity leave she continued her practice while working part-time, again finding time in between her son’s daytime naps to create these pieces.

Rebecca has taken some time to answer a few questions regarding her upcoming exhibition and her artistic process.

Image: Rebecca at her easel
  • Can you give us an insight into your artistic process? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each work take to complete?

The majority of my work is not pre-planned and it is inspired by something I have seen, felt or experienced. The reason I don’t plan ahead is because I enjoy being lost in the process of making the work and having the freedom to alter the piece without feeling like I failed or ruined the work just because it didn’t go to plan. It’s usually in this process that the magic happens – my ideas flow freely and I am most focused on expressing feelings in a piece of work. 

Once I have finished a painting I reflect on what was going on in my life when I produced it and it is usually then that I ascertain its meaning. At times I’ll get an urge to create something without knowing why and only come to realise what the painting meant to me once it is finished.

My works are personal and I always put a lot of myself in them. For instance, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and I think that’s reflected in the sharp lines that make up ‘The Board’ series. 

With respect to the time taken to complete a painting – it varies greatly. Some of my works have taken months while others have been complete in a day or a couple of hours. 

I like to experiment and paint in different ways in order to keep things interesting. Experimenting with different styles and mediums has also helped me develop my own ‘style’ as I figured out what I liked and disliked. 

  • Do you keep some kind of ongoing drawing book or diary? Or a collection of images or photographs for inspiration? 

I do keep a lot of screenshots and photographs on my phone as a point of inspiration. The photos I’ve personally taken on my phone of people and places are also a point of inspiration for my work. 

  • Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from?

Artists I’m currently inspired by are a mixed bag of modern masters and current artists including Yves Tanguy, Juan Gris, Karin Mamma Andersson, Ryan Hewett, Clara Aldophs and Hester Finch. 

You can find out more about Rebecca’s artwork on her Instagram: @artrajkovski

You can also view her works for sale on her website rebeccatrajkovski.com

While you were sleeping opens on 12 June and will run until 4 July. An official opening will be held on Saturday 12 June from 11.00am – 2.00pm.

All are welcome, cost of the event is free.

Cover image: Kristian and I by Rebecca Trajkovski

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