‘Reflection’ by Fangmin Wu

Our upcoming Dragon’s Lair Gallery exhibition is Reflection by Fangmin Wu, an Australian artist based in Sydney. Reflection showcases a collection of works that explore the depth and complexity of light and shadows found along the Georges River.

Image: Fangmin Wu painting ‘plein air’ (outdoors)

Painting and drawing have been Fangmin’s passions from an early age. In his early years in China, Fangmin won numerous art prizes for printmaking. Fangmin graduated from Sydney College of Arts with Honours in 1997 and began his solo exhibiting career shortly after. In recent years, Fangmin’s works have been selected for several major art exhibitions both in Australia and internationally, including the Georges River Art Prize 2019, ‘Coming Home’ Beijing art exhibition, Blake Art Prize, the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, First Chinese artistic achievement art exhibition and Miradas International Art Prize. In 2018 Fangmin received a highly commended in the Bayside Art Prize, and he was selected as the winner of the 23rd Liverpool Art Exhibition (Drawing Category) in 2020.

Fangmin enjoys capturing Australian landscapes in his works. He is particularly drawn to places with beautiful scenery that have unique stories and history. His paintings are about stories, connections and emotions told through bold colours and textures.

Fangmin recently took some time to answer some questions about his artistic process.

Can you give us an insight into your artistic process? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each work take to complete?

My thematic creations are often inspired by social emergencies or people’s recent concerns. For example, the bushfires in late 2019. But my landscape paintings are mostly influenced by the scenes at the time, which touched my desire to paint and inspired my creative inspiration.

Can you explain your technique; how you manipulate the medium?

I use oil paintings more recently. I like the thickness and texture of oil paintings, but sometimes I also use mixed medium for creation, such as acrylic, pastel and charcoal.

Do you keep some kind of ongoing drawing book or diary? Or a collection of images or photographs for inspiration?

Both. Drawing small sketches and collecting relevant information including photos are important way of creation.

Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from?

Kandinsky, Vlaminck and Gauguin

You can find out more about Fangmin’s work on his Instagram: @fangminw or on Facebook: Fangmin Wu

Reflection opens on 17 April and will run until 9 May. An ‘Afternoon with the Artist’ will be held on Sunday 18 April, from 2.00pm – 5.00pm, with opening words from renowned artist, Guan Wei. All are welcome, cost of the event is free. Please click here to RSVP.

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