Public Art – Carla O’Brien

Installed: 2021 – Removed: 2021 (Temporary)

Carla O’Brien is an installation artist who specialises in creating interactive neon artworks. Carla uses a revolutionary new medium called LED Neon Flex, a medium that replaces traditional glass neon and is low wattage, safe to touch and weatherproof. The majority of her work combines designs fabricated out of laser and hand cut metal and Neon Flex. Carla’s neon work has been featured at numerous Australian festivals including White Night Melbourne, Enlighten Festival, Kaleidoscope Festival and Glow Festival. In 2016, her art piece, Neon Angel Wings, went viral when Katy Perry Instagrammed a photo of herself ‘wearing’ the wings at the Burning Man festival in Nevada USA. In January 2020, three pairs of ‘Neon Angel Wings’ were made a feature installation at the Festival of Light in Birmingham and Southampton in the UK.

Carla created Neon Night Garden to be an alluring interactive outdoor neon art installation that is enjoyable by day and glows brightly by night. The garden features a neon butterfly, bird, a bee, various flowers, a balloon and a dog. Carla describes Neon Night Garden as offering “touchable works [that] create an effervescent garden of colour, light and photogenic delights. The unofficial entrance to the garden is a 2.4- metre high Neon Night Garden Archway which acts as a gateway into the imagination… Viewers are invited to stand inside the archway for an immersive 3D multi-colour experience…individual stands are spread throughout the Park for people to walk amongst and take photos with. The Park is transformed into a light hearted, joyous outdoor space for people of all ages to enjoy.”

You can find out more about Carla O’Brien’s work on her website or on her Instagram: @carlaobriencarla

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