‘The beauty in the mundane’ by Tetsuya Mori

Our current Dragon’s Lair Gallery artist is Tetsuya Mori. Tetsuya studied a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting at the National Art School and is a practicing artist and teacher at St George Creative Art and Craft Centre. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his work including the FONAS Art School Ball Prize for drawing in 2010, the Lennox Street Studio Residency Award in 2013 at the National Art School, Sydney and the Place of Reeds Art Prize, Kogarah Art Prize in 2015.   His paintings are held in Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s collection and his drawings in the collection of the National Art School, Sydney.    

Tetsuya’s works explore the beauty in our everyday lives. The beauty in the mundane presents a selection of landscapes, streetscapes, scenes of laneways and houses in both city and country areas New South Wales and Tasmania, along with still life images, which all capture quiet moments in time and detailed scenes of everyday life in an evocative yet realistic style.

Tetsuya recently took some time to answer some questions about his artistic process.

Can you give us an insight into your process as an artist? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each artwork take to complete?

Normally when work starts I take a photo when I find an interesting composition. Composition is the most important element in my painting and I consider it very carefully. I like to use a photo because it gives me more time and confidence. Each work takes two to three weeks.

Can you explain your technique as an artist and what topics/subjects you explore through your work?

I like to explore the everyday objects or landscape that surrounds me. I am not looking for a landmarker or breathtaking landscape. I don’t have any special technique for painting but I observe the subject until I get emotional senses or reaction to the objects.

Do you keep some kind of diary for inspiration? Or a collection of images, etc for inspiration? Where do you draw ideas for your works from?

I keep a drawing diary from my art school and have started a watercolour diary recently. It helps me to create an interesting composition.

Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from?

My favourite artists are impressionists such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet and Degas. I like their vivid colour and raw brush marks.

The beauty in the mundane is on display in the Dragons Lair Gallery at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from 13 March 2020 to 11 April 2021.

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