Stencil Art Prize: Curator and Artist Q&A

Edgy, political, cheeky and pop-culture inspired – The Stencil Art Prize features over 50 finalists from around the globe; from photo-realist stencils with dozens of layers, to intricate hand-cut stencils on delicate paper, this biennial exhibition is the world’s largest touring stencil prize and is the authority on all things ‘stencil art’.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, the Prize is a snapshot of the grassroots stencil art form that has undergone resurgence in recent decades and is now thriving. The Stencil Art Prize community of international finalists push the boundaries of the ‘stencil definition’ utilising a diverse range of techniques, materials and technology.

Meet our panelists:

Adam Lewczuk AKA 085c3n3

Finalist in the 2019 Stencil Art Prize

Image L-R: Adam Lewczuk AKA 085c3n3, Bad conDUCKt, 085c3n3, Work in progress. All images supplied by the artist.

Adam Lewczuk AKA 085c3n3 is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

085c3n3’s practice focuses on the application of aerosol stencils, paste-ups, stickers, large-scale projections and zine making. His work delves into 70s nostalgia, tracing elements of a childhood where Frankenstein’s Monster, Star Wars, Glam Music, Punk Rock, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Home Tiki Bars and Holden Muscle Cars culminate to become cornerstones of his unique visual style. In addition to the evident pop culture iconography, his works also reveal a low-fi ‘authenticity’ in terms of creative process. 

085c3n3 has exhibited extensively across Australia at a state and national level including a number of key institutions and galleries. He is a five-time Stencil Art Prize finalist and has produced major works for public art projects throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, and was recently commissioned by the State Library of Queensland to produce a work for the State collection.
Instagram/ Facebook  @085c3n3


Finalist in the 2019 Stencil Art Prize

Image L -R: Darcy Vescio from Carlton AFLW at The Stockroom Gallery. Social Pressure,  ARGH. Work in progress.
All images supplied by artist.

I am an emerging artist working in stencil / street art.  Inspired by my many interests in the world around me, my themes are dynamic and are often influenced by my hobbies, adventures and my need to constantly learn new things.  I employ the use of hand cutting stencils that are extremely delicate yet possess a depth of detail that creates a photo-realistic image.

I am a self taught stencil artist who immersed myself  in the street art culture while living in Melbourne, Australia.  I observed the skills of more prolific artists and improved my skills by learning from them.  The constant yearning to learn more and my passion for my art has seen my skills progress rapidly.  I use the world around me as my teacher. 

My aim is to stay true to the form of street art. In addition to producing stencil art, I also create quick cartoon-like pieces which can be seen in cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.  These pieces reflect my humour and affection towards animation and often derived from my own hand-drawn images that have been created into large-scale stencils. Now residing in Sydney, I work on perfecting my skills as an artist. My goal is to shift into the contemporary art scene while being influenced by street art.
Instagram @argh_stencilartist
Facebook  @Arghstencilart 

Jacinta Fintan

Director of The Stencil Art Prize

Jacinta has worked in the arts for over twenty years and is passionate about connecting young people with creative programs that improve their lives. She also runs the touring Stencil Art Prize and The Wall Station, a successful public art agency that installs mural and public artworks with councils, school and businesses. Earlier in her career she worked on the start up of Sydney community radio station FBI 94.5FM and held senior marketing positions at Screenwise Acting School, The Women’s College and the University of Sydney Union.

To book into the Stencil Art Prize: Curator and Artist Q&A please visit our What’s On page.

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