Art & Craft at home with Hurstville Museum & Gallery: Sculpt this

With the suspension of our Museum & Gallery programs this year, our regular series of kids programs and events have not been able to be run as per usual. Normally, we plan for our programs months in advance and no one could have expected the massive disruptions that 2020 has brought.
To help our visitors fulfil their creativity and learning needs (and to put some of the resources that we have in our arts & crafts cupboard to good use) we have started to develop our ‘Art & Craft at home’ kits. These kits are a mixture of free downloadable worksheets using materials you already have at home, to more in-depth activities with a materials kit to purchase. 
Capturing Nature promo tile
‘Capturing Nature: Early photography at the Australian Museum 1857-1893’ is a travelling exhibition from the Australian Museum on now at Hurstville Museum & Gallery until 31 January 2021.
In conjunction with this exhibition, we have developed Sculpt this, using some of the amazing images in the show as inspiration for a 3D sculptural art work made from wire and clay.
This 3 part activity is divided into:
‘Draw this’IMG_4155

‘Twist this’ IMG_4408 2

‘Sculpt this’P1000662

Take a closer look at the images from this wonderful exhibition and follow the steps below to create your own sculpture using your drawing, wire and paper clay!
You can follow along at home with the video guide below or download the free worksheet to complete this activity at home. If you don’t have the materials, we have kits ready for purchase with all the materials required to create your art work (see below).
Once you’ve finished one part of your Sculpt this art project, take a photo. Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram #ArtandcraftHurstvilleMuseumGallery

Download the ‘Sculpt this’ worksheet 

‘Sculpt this’ materials kit:

  • ‘Sculpt this’ worksheet
  • 2 meters of wire, 5 pieces rainbow florist wire
  • 1 x HB pencil
  • 5 x sheets A4 cartridge paper
  • 2 x 40g white paper clay
  • 3 images from ‘Capturing Nature’ exhibition
  • Feathers, fabric off cuts, pipe cleaners
  • Plinth template, label template

Materials not included:
sticky tape, small bowl/container, scissors

Buy Now $10.00

There are limited kits available.

Kits may be purchased online with the option of Click and collect (free) or a flat rate of $5.00 shipping in NSW. 

During our closedown period from Monday 21 December 2020 to Friday 8 January 2021, once purchased, kits can be collected from Hurstville Library during opening hours or select the shipping option at the time of purchase. 

Keep your eye out for more kits coming soon, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and check the website for more updates.

Our Museum & Gallery is still open to the public during our opening hours, so please come along and see our great exhibitions. 

We hope to see you soon at Hurstville Museum & Gallery!

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