Public Art in Georges River – Nastia Gladushchenko

‘All Together’ by Nastia Gladushchenko

Kogarah Town Square ‘Chill Out Hub’

2020 – present

Nastia Gladushchenko is a mural artist who trained in interior architecture in Sydney, Brussels and Rotterdam before she launched her art practice in 2017. Nastia is drawn to creating ‘ethereal and dreamy’ botanical pieces. Using plant species native to the Kogarah region, Nastia set out to create an artwork along the ground that would encourage rest within the hustle and bustle of city life.

“People feel more grounded and relaxed in nature and are also more comfortable and open to relating to each other in amongst elements from the natural world.” – Nastia Gladushchenko

Nastia’s artwork features the native plant species Blackthorn, Banksia, Everlasting, Ball Honey Myrtle, Blue Flax Lily, White Salow Wattle, Black She Oak and False Sardaparilla.

You can find out more about Nastia’s work on Instagram @nastiagladu or her website:

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