Public Art in Georges River – Col Henry

Place of Reeds‘ by Col Henry

Carss Park Community Garden

Installed: 2010 (Permanent)

Col Henry is a sculptor and artist who lists his main qualifications as a ‘Long and Diverse Life Experience’. He has several degrees and diplomas in areas such as welding, industrial foundry, panel-beating and spray painting, and worked as a full time TAFE teacher before retiring to full time sculpting in 1995. Col works with a variety of mediums to achieve diverse styles. He has a passion for art and sculpture, and has become known for his ground breaking innovations in working materials into new forms. He has been collected by many private collections, both in Australia and overseas.

Col Henry has produced three sculptures for the former City of Kogarah; Place of Reeds in Carss Park Community Garden, Meaning in Kogarah Town Centre and Life’s Cycle in Henry Hogben Park.

The concept for this piece was to represent the meaning of the name ‘Kogarah’, which is ‘place of reeds’. Place of Reeds is a 3.3 metre tall sculpture made of stainless steel. Col Henry worked in collaboration with local community gardeners to create the sculptural work.

You can find out more about Col’s work on his website:

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