Public Art in Georges River – Bruce Lee statue

2012 – present

The Bruce Lee Statue was a gift to the former Kogarah City Council from its Sister City, Shunde. Shunde is located within the southern Chinese Province of Guandong. The statue was unveiled in March 2012, and is a replica of a 19-metre high statue which features in Shunde’s ‘Bruce Lee Paradise’ theme park. Bruce Lee was a Chinese-American martial artist and action film actor. He is widely considered to have been one of the most influential martial artists of all time. Lee was also a pop culture icon of the 20th century and has been credited with helping change the way Asian people are presented in American films. The inscription on the front of the statue reads “Bruce Lee, King of Kung Fu”. Shunde is the ancestral home of Bruce Lee, who died in 1973.

Since it was installed in 2012, the Bruce Lee statue has become a feature of Kogarah Town Square. In January 2017, Georges River Council undertook a community engagement project whereby passers-by were asked what the statue meant to them. Photos were taken of the people that participated and their comments captured to form part of an exhibition, which featured in an exhibition ‘A Day in the life of the Bruce Lee Statue: an exhibition of photographs of community members with the Bruce Lee statue’ at Kogarah Library and Cultural Centre.

Georges River Council undertook a restoration of the Bruce Lee statue in 2021.

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