Public Art in Georges River – Beastman

Penshurst Cricket Centre, Penshurst Park

Installed: 2020 (Permanent)

Bradley Eastman, aka. Beastman, is a multidisciplinary artist who creates colourful and abstract geometric artworks. Beastman’s works have resonated with many around the world, having exhibited and curated exhibitions internationally. His works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia and his murals can be viewed all around Australia and the world, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Israel and England. He has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Bali, Berlin, New York and Detroit.

Beastman was born in Sydney, Australia and studied graphic design in the 1990s, but has never had any formal training in art or painting. He is heavily influenced by nature, biodiversity, symbolism and geometric design. Beastman is inspired by the nature of human intervention in nature and often explores possible future environments within his work.

For his piece at the Penshurst Cricket Centre, Beastman wanted to capture a sports theme. He used white lines to split the composition in the same way lines are used on sport fields. He explains “I also tried to incorporate cricket through including some cricket stumps and included the motion of a cricket ball. I emphasised the concept of competition through the two human head profiles as if they are facing or versing each other.” The colour palette of the mural responds to the greens in the park, blues from the playground, greys from the existing building and pops of yellow and red to add vibrancy.

Read our Q&A with Beastman

You can find out more about Beastman’s work on his website or on Instagram @bradeastman

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