Public Art in Georges River – Mike Eleven

Hurstville Plaza

Installed: 2019 – Removed: March 2021 (Temporary)

Mike Eleven’s large-scale murals explore the individual narratives of people with diverse backgrounds.

Working predominantly with portraiture, his work is a reflection of the community they’re painted in, with the hopes of shining a light on the unsung heroes. Through large outdoor works, Mike Eleven challenges the public to consider new stories and garner a new perspective on the ever-changing identity of the ‘everyday’ Australian.

“At a larger-than-life scale, I want to champion Kevin as a familiar face to other Chinese-Australians, but to also highlight the sense of hesitation, doubt, contemplation and thought, as his mind swirls back and forth between culture, family and the future.”

“I want to explore the idea of growing up as a modern-day Chinese-Australian, whose identity sways between the gravitational pull of migrant parents and the boundless opportunities presented by being born in Australia.”

You can find out more about Mike’s work on Instagram: @mike.eleven or on his website:

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