Public Art in Georges River – Mehrdad MehrAeen

Hurstville Plaza

2019 – March 2021

Mehrdad MehrAeen is an award-winning Iranian visual artist and musician, who developed a talent for calligraphy and art as a teenager. In 2013, Mehrdad migrated to Australia as a refugee, and has been contributing his artistic endeavours ever since.

After grappling with loneliness and isolation, he began expressing his complex feelings towards his homeland and adopted nation through his art. His first Australian exhibition was at Peacock Gallery in 2019, in which he sold all 6 of his artworks. He was awarded the inaugural Cumberland Art Award in the wake of his first exhibition and since winning this award, he has exhibited in three other exhibitions in 2019.

Mehrdad’s artistic approach is based heavily on allowing for improvisation through the creative process, which is also an important feature of traditional Iranian art.

Most of Mehrdad’s artworks are created through the unconscious mind.

You can find out more about Mehrdad’s work on Instagram: @mehrdadmehraeen

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