Public Art in Georges River – Elizabeth West

Nexus by Elizabeth West

Hurstville Plaza

2019 – March 2021

Elizabeth West is a multidisciplinary artist and designer working across conceptual gallery installation and community creative projects.

Her practice investigates our relationships to environments and resources. Many of her works have been created through weaving plastics that have been salvaged from urban environments. Her work has been exhibited in the outdoor public art prizes Hidden at Rookwood, 2018 in Sydney and Sculptures at Scenic World, 2019 in the Blue Mountains.

Drawing inspiration from a map of the local area, lines and patterns are woven together in a bold design, extending from a nexus in the centre. QR codes incorporated into the mural connect the community when scanned with mobile devices, bridging the physical and digital environments. Nexus celebrates the heart of the city as a place of community interconnection, where new directions develop for exchanges of experience and information.

You can find out more about Elizabeth’s work on Instagram: @elizabethwest.creative

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