Public Art in Georges River – Alex Grilanc & Krimsone

Concrete Jungle by Alex Grilanc & Krimsone

Ormonde Parade

Installed: 2016 (Permanent)

Concrete jungle explores the idea of an overgrown utopia. It gives viewers a glimpse into a world that they will probably never experience and pushes them away from their day to day life. The work is highly detailed and shows a range of flora and fauna hidden within the scene. Concrete jungle was a winner in the 2015 Platform Urban Art Prize.

Krimsone (Janne Birkner) is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing mainly on aerosol painting. He grew up in the Blue Mountains and learnt how to spray paint from others around him in the graffiti scene. After moving to Sydney, Krimsone graduated with Honours from the National Art School in Darlinghurst, where he learnt the traditional notions and techniques of fine art. Throughout his course he painted walls for others and “fell in love with the art of mural making”. (  Krimsone rarely uses a reference for his work and instead likes to explore ideas from his imagination by turning them into physical marks and colours. 

Alex is originally from Sydney, where he worked and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours at the National Art School in 2014. Alex’s art involves drawing and painting, and he often uses spray paint to complete large-scale murals. Alex has showcased several exhibitions, has had several cartoons and illustrations published in South Sydney Herald, was Artist in Residence for ‘Orchard Gallery’ in Redfern from 2015 – 2017 and has engaged in numerous other public art programs and projects.

You can find out more about Alex Grilanc’s work on Instagram: @alex_grilanc or on his website: You can find out more about Krimsone’s work on Instagram: @krimsone or on his website:

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