The human condition – Rosalie Duligal

Currently on show in The Dragon’s Lair Gallery is artist, Rosalie Duligal’s The human condition, which features paintings and sculptures. Rosalie was greatly inspired by a residency she took in the rural area of Provence, France. She was fascinated by the history of the area, particularly how the region had been devastated many times throughout history.

Rosalie Duligal. Image supplied by Artist.

Her sculptural works were inspired by the stories she heard of the pilgrims that travelled to monasteries to be blessed and have the sins cleansed during these difficult periods of war and disease… “from these humble people these sculptures evolved raw and visceral like the land they lived on.”

Rosalie Duligal and her scupltures.

Below is an excerpt from Rosalie’s writing where she explains in more depth her inspirations found in rural France and how her artistic process has been impacted.

On a recent residency in France, Provence, I was fascinated by the history of the land – so old dating back to 600 B.C.  A country that was devastated many times throughout history by disease and war, plague and cholera. To gain sanctuary from devastation came the church, where the monks would take care of the sick and dying. This in turn made the monasteries grow wealthy in their endeavours because people would give gifts of land and wealth that would be given to the church. In turn the monks would bury the dead and give comfort to those who were needy.

My body of work grew from what one takes for granted today, such as creature comforts, and they are what make humanity live and grow in a healthy environment, and yet one takes for granted the many things on earth that offer comfort. For instance the humble bed that we dream and seek comfort in to rest, so important for the body, also to heal from sickness. Nostalgia makes us look back and think that living on the land was all good, but the hardships of drought, flood and famine was disastrous, and it would cost lives.

Image supplied by Artist.

My paintings are of the land and the way they still harvested the fields. I discovered they used huge bamboo breakers that separate the fields, this I found troublesome as bamboo, one knows in Australia, it grows so fast and to my surprise I found it is becoming a problem for them too. And flowers everywhere so vibrant, and after all this is where the poppy came from and we still use today to remember our fallen on Anzac Day.  Much of the land, even though so far away, reminded me of Australia; so rural yet so dry, mountainous and rocky.

I think sharing in the community is important and showing how an experience can fire the imagination to create a body of work that comes from the mind, and living in a different environment can change your way of seeing the world in which we love, and live. The everyday taken out of the routine of daily life can bring about pictures and sculptures to share in our own community. An exchange of experience is a wonderful thing to share.

The human condition will run in the Dragons Lair Gallery from 31 October – 22 November 2020.

Rosalie will be at the gallery on Sunday 1 November 2020, 2.00pm – 5.00pm for ‘An afternoon with the Artist‘.

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