Currently on display at Hurstville Museum & Gallery is the exhibition USE. This exhibition features exquisitely crafted contemporary jewellery and small objects by seventeen artists from the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (Queensland Chapter), toured by Museums & Galleries Queensland.

Nellie Peoples is an emerging contemporary designer and maker currently working and living in Brisbane, Australia. Her practice is in gold and silversmithing, in which she explores the connection made between objects and people, and how the object itself plays into the connections of those who surround it by representing on-going narratives. Nellie graduated from the Australian National University (ANU), School of Art, Canberra, in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design Arts with First Class Honours. She has undertaken a graduate residency at ANU’s Gold and Silversmithing Workshop and in 2015 was awarded an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. She was also a finalist, alongside her collaboration partner Sam Tomkins, in the Vogue Living Alessi Design Prize in the category of Emerging Designer.

Courtesy of the artist

Nellie’s work is inspired by the connections that encircle objects, whether it be a physical mark or a dialogue. In her series of brooches, Signs and Signals – Exit, Nellie has utilised fragments of an Exit sign hand-made by her grandfather, taken from his hardware store. She has sought to expand on people’s archetypal perception of what jewellery is by playing with the notion of jewellery-wearing as symbolism and sign-making.

Exhibition curator Lisa Bryan-Brown comments on the precise way in which Nellie has crafted her work:

“the selected elements of the sign are rendered abstract in their isolation but, through Peoples’ precise installation, they collectively imply their former purpose. In this way, Peoples’ work mimics the nature of memory, simultaneously patchy and poignant.”

Signs and Signals – Exit #1 – #4, 2018, reclaimed steel sign “EXIT”, sterling silver, stainless steel, varying sizes

For more information you can visit Nellie Peoples’ Facebook page, Instagram  and her website.

USE is on exhibition at Hurstville Museum & Gallery until 25 October 2020.


Nellie Peoples website, viewed 13 October 2020, https://hello7927.wixsite.com/nelliepeoples/about

USE: Contemporary jewellery and objects catalogue, Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, Queensland Chapter Inc.

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