In the park: Georges River Artist in Residence 2020 – Emma Davidson

Our current Dragons Lair Gallery exhibition, In the Park: Georges River Artist in Residence 2020, showcases the works of Helen Amanatiadis, Emma Davidson, Sofie Dieu and Tess Mehonoshen, who have all undertaken residencies at Carss Park over the past 12 months. The Carss Park Artist’s Cottage provides a studio and accommodation in a picturesque bush setting on the Georges River. The Artist in Residence program aims to foster connections and interactions between people, introducing artists, experiences and opportunities to the Georges River community.

Emma recently took some time to answer some questions about her residency and her artistic practice.

 Is this the first residency you have undertaken? 

This is the first fully residential residency I’ve undertaken. I had a short residency in 2018 at Frontyard Projects, in Marrickville, who run an excellent open residency program.

Why did you decide to apply for this Carss Park residency?

I have wanted to undertake a long residency for a long time. The terms of the Carss Park AIR were really appealing: I liked that it was very open to experimentation and that it was positioned as an opportunity for artists to explore and experiment with their practice without pressure to produce anything too defined. It’s really important for artists to have time and space to purposelessly explore their practice. It may seem ‘unproductive’ or directionless from the outside, but it is in free play and exploration that interesting ideas are formed.

Would you recommend this or other residencies to other artists?

I would, unhesitatingly. For the reasons above, but also because of the location of the residency. It is a good combination of being close to the city but near nature and cafes and shops, and being on the water is a rare luxury. The facilities at the residency are also excellent.

What did you see as being one of the highlights of this residency?

The highlight of the residency for me was simply being able to spend undistracted time alone with my work, in a space large enough for me to work in. Living in Sydney, time and space are at a premium – this is something I feel keenly, in regards to my practice. It affects the type of work you are able to make, its scale for example. At Carss Park I was able to experiment with much larger works on paper than I usually do.

A close up of Emma’s work
A close up of Emma’s work

In the Park: Georges River Artist in Residence 2020 is on exhibition from 3 – 25 October 2020.

You can find out more about Emma’s work on Instagram: @eternalproject

Please feel free to contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery for further information on 02 9330 6444 or

Photographs courtesy of Emma Davidson.

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