Changing Horizons by Don Whibley

Image: Darling Harbour skyline by Don Whibley.

Our upcoming Dragons Lair Gallery exhibition is ‘Changing horizons’ by Don Whibley. Don is a former teacher who studied art at Paddington Teachers’ College. Don has been involved with the visual arts for a number of years and was a finalist in the Georges River Art Prize in 2016.  ‘Changing horizons’ presents a selection of landscapes and coastal scenes from Sydney and New South Wales that resonate with Don’s childhood and travel experiences. He is passionate about Australian landscapes and using people and scenery in his works to suggest life and movement. Don recently took some time to answer some questions that delved into his artistic techniques and practice.

Q1.  Can you give us an insight into your process as an artist? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each work take to complete?

My artwork is a combination of both planning and intuition. Sometimes it is largely intuitive with detail added later to restore a feeling of reality. The time taken to complete a work varies from a couple of hours to works that are done over several days but waiting for something to be added before final completion. 

Q2. Can you explain your techniques as an artist and what topics/ subjects you explore through your work? 

I like to explore Australian landscapes of the city, outback and ocean. These are the landscapes that surround us as we live in a beautiful and inspiring country. Our horizons inspire me as it reflects the often barren and endless nature of our continent. So I try to capture this in my paintings. That is, a feeling that there is always more beyond the horizon.   

Q3. Do you keep some kind of diary for inspiration? Or a collection of images, etc for inspiration? Where do you draw ideas for your work from? 

I keep a scrapbook of images and stored camera images that may suddenly strike a chord to inspire an idea for a painting. I like to explore a theme by painting a few connected works, but I also like to attempt difficult and challenging subjects that involve a degree of problem solving. 

Q4. Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from? 

My favourite artists include early Australian artists such as Tom Roberts and Sidney Nolan and contemporary artists such as Ted Lewis, Maynard Waters and Mel Briggs. 

Changing Horizons is on exhibition in the Dragon’s Lair Gallery from 5 – 27 September 2020.

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