Artbomb – Little Canvas

Artbomb is not your average exhibition.  Artbomb: connect + create brings together local artists, our local community and Hurstville Museum & Gallery in a slow release explosion of creativity and artistic expression. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with artists, as they work within our space. Come in and reconnect.

On Thursday 16 July, 1.00 – 4.00pm, visitors will be able to watch as students of art school Little Canvas work in the gallery space at Hurstville Museum & Gallery. We were able to ask Little Canvas Director, Alisa Sinlapawattana a few questions to find out more about the art school and their plans for Artbomb.

Little canvas

Photo courtesy of Little Canvas.

Can you explain what techniques the students will use and what topics/ subjects they will explore through their work? How long does each artwork take to complete?

We would like this project to spread smiles and positive vibes to anyone seeing it. We look back and think about things that would never happened unless the lockdown took place, things that we wanted to do but never find the opportunity to complete. All students are given 3 weeks of lesson to finish their artwork. [The students have done] collage, painting /drawing on paper.

Do you keep some kind of diary for inspiration? Or a collection of images, etc for inspiration? Where do the children draw their ideas for their works from?

Children are encouraged to find ideas within their own experience with families. However, we are also look at what happens around the world and share those things when we get together.

To learn more about Little Canvas and there classes you can visit their website at: or on Facebook.

Join Little Canvas on 16 July between 1.00 – 4.00pm as they participate in ‘Artbomb’.

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