Artbomb – Discovery Writers Group

Artbomb is not your average exhibition.  Artbomb: connect + create brings together local artists, our local community and Hurstville Museum & Gallery in a slow release explosion of creativity and artistic expression. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with artists, as they work within our space. Come in and reconnect.

We were able to ask a few members of the Discovery Writers Group a couple of questions in regard to their writing practices.

Can you give us an insight into your writing process? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each written piece take to complete?

Dane Marcetic: I am a chaotic writer, greater the chaos the more inspired I get. (I have not found this word ‘panca/pancer’ in any dictionary I have or on the internet; Anne at Kogarah library used the word as meaning making up a story as you go along).

Some pieces can fall together in hours and be pages long. At other times I have spent days and weeks going back and changing a sentence or a paragraph.

Rita Potente: I’m a haphazard writer. I tend to get a word or phrase in my head and I write to that.  This occurs generally with my poetry. I have attempted writing two novels for children which I have planned to a certain extent but haven’t completed as my characters take over and I can’t write to the theme!  I don’t write everyday.

I generally get inspired by the circumstances of people I have met over the years.

Margaret Ruckert: Depends. Once I wrote a book of food poetry and so some food could not be left out e.g.  Cheesecake, Mud Cake, Pavlova. Many of the poems were pre-planned but each poem still arose creatively.

Can you explain your technique as a writer and what topics/ subjects you explore through your writing? 

Dane Marcetic: Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Smell: of a flower, a garden, something cooking, salty haze at the beach…

Sight: colour/colours of nature, buildings, people (skin, hair, clothing, jewellery)…

Hearing: something intriguing, funny, even a question…

Reading: Every book every story be it fiction, non fiction, technical document can hold the missing piece.

Margaret Ruckert: I write mainly poetry, short 5 line Japanese tanka to page-long poems. Technique involves writing a first draft – something has inspired me.

Much of editing poetry is taking out, rather than putting back in and so I work on the poem, draft after draft until I consider it almost there.

Verbs may need to be strengthened, word order considered. The first and last lines are particularly scrutinised for their interest and substance; they need to hold up well, one at each end of the poem, a little like book-ends for a row of books.

Do you keep some kind of diary for inspiration? Or a collection of images, written pieces, etc for inspiration?

Dane Marcetic: The ultimate hoarder, to delete a story or a piece of superseded work even a first scratching/drawing of a character would be like killing the family cat or dog.

Existing in random pages of A4 paper, old exercise books, files and folders on the computer.

Margaret Ruckert: I keep whatever is useful for a current poem and what could be useful in the future: diaries, images, cuttings from magazines or papers, menus, etc.

Who are your favourite authors/ writers/ poets? Who do you draw inspiration from?

Dane Marcetic: Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Henry Lawson, rarely picked up a book that I didn’t learn from once past the first two/three chapters for those with challenging starts.

Margaret Ruckert: Authors of non-fiction, current poets on online zines, winners of competitions etc.

For more information about the Discovery Writers Group you can refer to their website:

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