Artbomb – John Davies

Artbomb is not your average exhibition.  Artbomb: connect + create brings together local artists, our local community and Hurstville Museum & Gallery in a slow release explosion of creativity and artistic expression. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with artists, as they work within our space. Come in and reconnect.

On Tuesday 30 June 2020 between 10.00am – 1.00pm visitors will be able to watch and chat with artist John Davies as he creates a detailed pencil artwork live in the gallery space at Hurstville Museum & Gallery. We were able to ask John a few questions in regard to his practice.


Noccundra by John Davies.

Following a long and successful career as an Architectural Draftsman/Designer whose credits include the re-designing of the iconic Como Hotel after it was gutted by fire, John decided to combine his love of the Australian Bush with his passion for drawing.

John is following in the footsteps of his uncle L. Roy Davies, who was renown for his mastering of Wood and Lino cuts together with his skill as a water colourist.

Can you give us an insight into your artistic process? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each work take to complete?

Usually I start the process by taking pictures of scenes, objects, and generally things that take my eye or may be useful in future works. In many cases, when I photograph old Australian homes, I try to duplicate what is there and either add or take away to compose the drawing.

To answer your question regarding the time I take to complete a drawing is hard to answer. I do not set a time. I do not draw commercially. I draw for the pleasure of it and the sense of achievement.

Can you explain your technique; how you manipulate the medium?

When I start a drawing, I first draw the main feature and then bring in objects and tones to make the drawing more interesting. Sometimes, I push the charcoal around the paper to create depth and impact.

Do you keep some kind of ongoing drawing book or diary? Or a collection of images or photographs for inspiration?

I have a collection of art books which cover the Masters and some modern pencil artists which I refer to, trying to improve my work. When starting a new drawing, I try to improve my work each time. When composing a drawing, I try to keep the viewer’s eyes on the work, not straying off the paper, taking in the whole object.

Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from?

My favourite artists are L. Roy Davies, Norman Lindsay and Chris McClelland. These artists have attained a level of achievement and mastery I admire.

For more information visit John’s website at

Artbomb will be on display at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from 9 June – 26 July 2020.

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