Artbomb – Jamie Parmaxidis

Artbomb is not your average exhibition.  Artbomb: connect + create brings together local artists, our local community and Hurstville Museum & Gallery in a slow release explosion of creativity and artistic expression. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with artists, as they work within our space. Come in and reconnect.

On Saturday 20 June 2020 between 10.00am – 1.00pm, visitors will be able to chat with and observe artist Jamie Parmaxidis in the gallery space of Hurstville Museum & Gallery. We were able to ask Jamie a few questions in regard to her practice.

Jamie_image 1

Photo courtesy of artist.

Can you give us an insight into your artistic process? Is your work pre-planned or created intuitively? How long does each work take to complete?

My art practice really transitions depending on what is inspiring me at the time. Usually I pull out a variety of different coloured paints, pour them onto the palette and let my hand guide me. I can’t think about it too much at the beginning or it gets overwhelming. I just need to create a starting point and then think about things from there. I work with acrylic paint at the moment so I can work fast (and as Bob Ross says, to fix happy accidents). If I’m doing something more figurative I like to sketch it out beforehand and work from there.

Can you explain your technique; how you manipulate the medium?

My technique is to work freely and fast at the beginning, then transition into taking time to focus on the finer details. I’ve been trying to paint and work with recycled materials. For example COVID-19 got me into painting on aluminium cans, turning them into planters!

Jamie_Image 2

Photo courtesy of artist.

Do you keep some kind of ongoing drawing book or diary? Or a collection of images or photographs for inspiration?

I have way too many art diaries. Large ones for big ink drawings or quick 5 minute paintings (which I create from the leftover paint on my palette). Smaller A5 diaries for sketches, lately Brazilian Jiu-jitsu sketches. I have a box filled with inspiration I have collected from travel and have albums on my phone of pictures I take for future inspiration.

Jamie_Image 4

Photo courtesy of artist.

Who are your favourite artists? Who do you draw inspiration from?

It’s hard to pick a few! Mostly female artists, Janet Sobel, Tracey Emin and Yayoi Kusama. I mostly draw inspiration from the people I encounter everyday – from the women I train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with to my immediate family. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from personal life experiences.

To learn more about Jamie and her practices you can follow her on:

Instagram: @jamieparmy

Facebook: @parmyprints 

Artbomb will be on display at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from 9 June – 26 July 2020.


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