Museum at home: Abstract watercolour resist art

Today’s museum at home activity is inspired by the winning 2019 Georges River Art Prize painting, The source of energy in everything, by abstract artist Leon Lester.

The source of energy in everything, Leon Lester

A kaleidoscope of colour, it’s easy to see the artist’s passion for experimenting with geometric shapes and patterns in this artwork.

To create the neat lines and shapes, Lester used masking tape to block out small sections of the canvas. This stopped the colours from mixing together.

You can explore a similar technique using a wax crayon and watercolours to create an artwork filled with colours, patterns and shapes, just like Lester’s. 

Watch the video or follow the instructions below to get started!



  • paper (painting or watercolour paper is best)
  • wax crayon or oil pastel
  • ruler
  • watercolour paints 
  • paint brush
  • water


  1. Use the ruler and crayon to draw straight lines, criss-crossing over the paper. You can do as many lines as you like, in any direction. Keep in mind, the more lines you draw, the more shapes you will have, and the smaller they will be. This can make them more challenging to paint, especially for young artists!
  2. Use watercolours to paint inside the shapes you have made with your lines. The wax in the crayon will stop the colours from blending together and keep your lines neat. Try not to use the same colours in shapes sitting side by side. Keep painting until you have filled in all your shapes.
  3. Step back and admire your work!


More ideas

In the mood to create more? You can create a similar artwork using acrylic or poster paint, a canvas or board and masking tape. Instead of drawing the lines with a crayon, use masking tape to block out your shapes and patterns and gently peel away once the paint is dry. You can even try this technique using masking tape and pavement chalk outside! 

Find out more about Leon Lester:

Website –

Facebook –

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