Museum at home: The Many Story Treehouse Exhibition

We’re all seeing a lot of the inside of our houses right now. Perhaps you’re wishing you had a bigger lounge room, or maybe a balcony, garden or swimming pool….

Why stop there? Imagine you had a secret underground lab. Or a see-through tank filled with man-eating sharks. Or the world’s scariest rollercoaster! Now imagine that all those things are up a tree. Welcome to the world of Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths and the Treehouse series – home of the craziest, most creative treehouse ever!

At Hurstville Museum & Gallery we have been lucky to gain an extra peek in to this world through the Books Illustrated touring exhibition, The Many Story Treehouse exhibition: Celebrating Terry Denton’s illustrations for the phenomenal Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton. Terry‘s original illustrations, sketches and layouts reveal the development of their crazy ideas, characters and stories for the series.

To help bring a the magic of the Many Story Treehouse exhibition into your home, watch the video and follow the instructions below to create your own mini treehouse, and fill it with the rooms you wish you had!


Make a ‘mini-storey’ treehouse inspired by The Many Story Treehouse exhibition




  • 4 sheets of thick cardboard, approximately A4 in size
  • Coloured paper
  • Printed Treehouse templates (tree trunk and tree top)
  • Liquid glue
  • Texta
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Extra cardboard/playdough/plasticine (optional)


  1. Print and cut out the tree base and tree top templates provided (here). If you do not have a printer you can draw your own. You can also make your treehouse bigger using a larger template, if you have enough cardboard!


  1. Trace the tree trunk and tree top templates on to your cardboard and cut out. You will need to trace and cut out two of each template.


  1. On the tree trunk cut outs, from the base of one and top of the other, cut along the middle of the tree until you reach half way. Repeat with the tree top cut-outs. This will allow the pieces to slide together and stand upright.


  1. Draw an outline and cut out your treehouse platform. This can be any shape you like, as long as it is about the same width as your tree branches (approximately 17cm, if you are using the template).


  1. Your treehouse is ready to assemble! Slide the two tree trunk and two tree top pieces together. You may need to trim the base to make sure it stands upright.


  1. To add the platform, carefully apply glue to the tops of the branches where the platform will rest. Gently place the platform on the branches and press lightly.


  1. To join the tree tops to the platform, apply glue to the base of the tree top. This can then be place on top of the platform. Make sure you line up the branches! Leave to dry.


  1. Once the glue is dry and your treehouse is stable, decorate it! We used paint, but you could also use markers, crayons, pencils or scrap paper collage. Leave to dry.


  1. To add leaves, cut leaf shapes from the coloured paper. These can be any shape, size or colour. Add a small amount of glue to the tip of each leaf and, one by one, stick them to the end of each branch.


  1. Use playdough, plasticine, cardboard – whatever craft supplies you have available – to create crazy characters and out of this world objects to fill your treehouse!


Need some inspiration? Swing by the Georges River Libraries website and reserve yourself a copy of one of the Treehouse ebooks!


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