Georges River Art Prize 2019 winner – Leon Lester

Leon Lester - The source of everthing... 120 x 150cm

The source of energy in everything, Leon Lester

As soon as you walk into the Hurstville Museum & Gallery space, Leon Lester’s work The source of energy in everything captures your eye. The explosions of colour draw you in as you explore the multitude of pigments and shapes. This years’ Georges River Art Prize judges recognised the skill in creating this mesmerising work, and it was selected as the winner of the Georges River Art Prize 2019.

The artist combines his spirituality with a passion for experimenting with colour and geometric shapes. This particular work was inspired by the notion of interconnectedness and the spiritual concept that everything in life comes from one source. Lester has stated that these inspiring thoughts stem from his daily practice of meditation and that these inner explorations bring “forth many vivid visions and ideas”.


Georges River Art Prize winner, Leon Lester (centre), with Councillor Christina Wu, Councillor Kathryn Landsberry and Mayor Kevin Greene.

The founders of the world’s many religious traditions, spiritual masters, enlightened yogis and incarnated angels have long revealed to the human race the divine truth that all things are inextricably connected and ultimately from the same source. They have spoken of this source or divine spark of energy as ultimately the same white light that is contained in everything… This artwork depicts these subtle energies derived from this source energy extending out from the energy centres of all life in its various, individuated forms on earth. It reveals how this same subtle divine energy actually is the dance animating all of life”.

Lester studied Fine Arts at college but describes himself as ultimately being self-taught. He has also found inspiration in abstract expressionism, op art, sacred geometric art and the colour field movement.

His advice to emerging artists is “to express what you enjoy most expressing, try not to create something that is subject to any strict guidelines that dictate what art is supposed to be about. The best advice I received was simply to ‘do’ art. It doesn’t matter entirely what you choose to create, as you long as you are creating. It is all in the process”.

Lester’s works also include drawings, photography and sculpture; and he is also an actor, musician and writer. He believes that art has the capability of freeing one’s mind and opening up the possibility for creativity for both the artist and the viewer. His hope and intent for his art is that it will inspire the viewer intellectually and cause them to question their beliefs.

Great art brings one into the present moment, this moment being characterised by the quality of timeless truth, beauty and love.”

The extraordinary work of Leon Lester and the other Georges River Art Prize finalists can be viewed at Hurstville Museum & Gallery. Exhibition on now until 30 January 2020.



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