Snapshot Gallery: Festivals


Georges River Council recently celebrated Lunar New Year with two street festivals, held across the Hurstville and Kogarah town centres. These festivals are a continuation of a community celebration tradition that can be traced back across the twentieth century.

Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s latest Snapshot Gallery exhibition Festivals features a selection of images from the Georges River Council Local Studies collection, bringing together photographs of public events and celebrations involving the people of the St George district.


Hurstville shopping carnival, Hurstville NSW, October 1925. Georges River Council Local Studies collection.

The images selected are representative of the many ways in which the people of the region have recognised historical anniversaries, supported diverse social activities, and celebrated the achievements of their local communities. These events have included wartime fundraisers, shopping carnivals, and charity races (on bike and beds!), to name just a few.


Charity bed race in Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW, 1996. Georges River Council Local Studies collection.

We even have an image of a mystery celebration that we are hoping visitors can shed some light on!



Returned servicemen’s reception, unknown location, 1916. Georges River Council Local Studies collection.

The precise subject of this photograph is unknown. Some suggest that it depicts a reception for returned soldiers at the Bexley Masonic Hall in 1916, but it has also been captioned as a reception for returned nurses at Kogarah in 1916. The reason for the prominence of the Red Cross ladies and others ladies dressed in white is unknown.

Do you have a clue? Email your ideas to

Exhibition on show
Festivals is on show at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from 17 January – 26 March 2017. Free entry.

Feature image: Lunar New Year lanterns in Kogarah Town Square, Kogarah NSW, 2004. Georges River Council Local Studies collection.

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